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Yonsei Registration

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

I recently registered for classes at Yonsei University for the upcoming semester. And trying to figure out how to actually register and navigate the different portals was a trial. Because of this I though I should write something about how to find your classes and then register for them.

Finding Your Classes

For me, the hardest part about the registration process was looking for the classes that I wanted to take. In order to find classes you have to go to "Course Catalogue and Syllabus: Undergraduate and Graduate" within the Yonsei Portal. This takes you to a new window where you can search through the different schools looking for classes.

The important part here is that you need to click the "English Course Only" button if you are planning to take classes only in English and don't want to accidentally register for something in another language. And, to look at classes, you need to change the "University College" drop-down to something else. I would recommend starting with the "Study Abroad Course" because that is where you will find all of the classes about South Korea and many of the classes that are all open to exchange students. One thing to note is that courses that are 5000 and above are for graduate students only - the level is indicated in the course code, for example, IEE2083 (Korean Art History) is a 2000 level course. There are also nine "time periods" for classes - 1 is 9:00-9:50 and the last session, 9 is from 17:00 to 17:50. There are classes Monday through Friday and a few classes are also in session on Saturday. As an exchange student, you have to make sure that the class is available for exchange students and this is indicated in a column on the very right. If it is an "X" that means that exchange students are unable to take that course, but an "O" indicates that it is available for exchange. I found that sometimes I had to go back a year or two or change the semester in order to find the syllabus for a class that I was interested in because it hadn't been posted for 2019.

When I was preparing to register I looked through all of the drop-down options just to make sure that I found all of the classes that I wanted. I also wrote down all of the classes that I wanted to register for and the time periods.

Mileage Bidding Process

The first stage of registration is the so-called "Mileage Bidding Process" which if you, like me, have never had a system like this it is extremely confusing to learn. Basically, you are given 72 mileage points and you have to allocate these points to each class in the hopes of getting in. You can bid up to 36 points for each class. But, I think it is best to divide them roughly equally.

The registration portal will open an hour before bidding begins which will give you a chance to add the classes you want to bid for to your wish list. I chose to search for my courses by title or course code because it was the fastest way of finding them. Once you find your desired course you need to click the button in the "Wishlist" column to add it to your wishlist. Once you have all of your classes added you just need to wait for registration to start.

So, bidding. I chose to put 14 points for every class but one so that I could use my points as equally as possible. In your wishlist you click "Apply" and the box you can see here will pop up with a place for you to change the mileage points from 1 to whatever you have chosen to allocate. After you submit all of your classes with the bids they will show below as part of the "Application Status" and you can switch classes out from there.

The notification period for the mileage process is a few days after the round closes.

Waiting Number System

This is the second round of registration for Yonsei and is done on a first-come, first-served basis. Fortunately, I was able to get all of my classes in the first round. But, if you don't get all of your classes, those that you didn't get will go back into your wishlist so you don't have to find them again. For this round I think it would be best to login early and make sure that you have good internet connection so you aren't hindered by your internet speeds.

Appeal System

The Appeal System is your last hope of getting into a class that you want. This requires that you go to the first session of the desired class and hope that the professor will sign off on your entrance into the class. You then need to submit the form to the administration office before the add/drop period ends.

I hope that this has helped to explain things a little better. Honestly, once all of the pieces click into place it is not a very difficult system to understand and use.

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