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Who am I?

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

An introduction.

Hi! I am a lot of things, I suppose. I think first and foremost I am a student just because school occupies most of my time. But, I am also a middle child, a friend of all dogs, a person who tries to be kind, and I am curious about everything. We are all many things wrapped up into one - a combination of our loves, hates (or strong dislikes), and unavoidable truths (like my being a middle child). To make getting to know me a bit easier I made some lists:

My Loves:

Dogs, the beach, books, sunsets, walks through quiet neighborhoods, museums, art, languages, Korean dramas, anything orange flavored, being kind, yellow, travelling, friends, curry, sour blueberries, lemon squares, R&B, plants, fashion, cake, and laughing with my family

My Hates (Strong Dislikes):

Squishy food (I have problems with some textures), country music, rude people, being apart from my dog, people talking to me on the plane, final exams, banana flavoring, frosting, being cold, wearing calico or lace, wearing sweats outside the house, and being late

Unavoidable Truths:

Glasses/contacts, born and raised in Portland, lived in London for a few years, shy, rather tall, blonde, two brothers, my dog's name is Maxwell Smart, ambidextrous, very bad at chess, too much money spent on Adidas, a very slight English accent (more of an inflection really), and very scared of the dark

Obviously, there are many things that I have said about myself that don't possess very much relevance in this context, but I just wrote whatever came to mind. I guess another important fact to address is why I am writing any of this. I just want to write about what I am doing, interested in, angry about, listening to, or anything else. It doesn't matter to me if no one cares because at the end of the day I am essentially talking to myself. Now my inner monologue will be written down and I think that is pretty cool. So that is why I am here. There is no groundbreaking revelation or resolution that I made to get here.

I just wanted to. And, I think that is as good of a reason as any.

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